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clockworksaint's Journal

I asked my friends to describe me. Perhaps foolishly, I promised to put it here:

"Fidgety crucible of powerful and well-reasoned thought. Hairy." --engine_unbound
"Quiet, friendly, too clever by half, and one of the best flatmates I've ever had." --honeypossum
"A good person to have as a friend; a bad person to have as an enemy (not that Weeble would ever have any enemies)." --lordofthemoon
"Wobbles, but doesn't fall down." --daisyann
"A brain like a piano wire - well tuned and deadly in the hands of a ninja." --biggingerdave
"Unsung Evil Genius. Possibly without the evil, or at least hiding it well." --bacony
"Spiffing." --folksinger
"Owner of a particularly magnificent beard." --siani_hedgehog
"Sagacious and kind; the boy that stays up all hours of the night and morning with me talking and talking and talking (and drawing me pictures)." and
"Sigh. He's a sci-fi nerd." --ms_medea

If you're on my friends list, you can see my contact details.