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Smooth network browsing

Do you have a Windows SMB network and find that it takes ages to display the list of shares on a computer each and every time you browse there? E.g. you type "\\my_computer" into the address bar and it sits there for ages before showing the list of shared folders? Apparently one potential cause of this is Explorer interrogating the computer for scheduled tasks. I eventually found out that you can delete the registry key:

(It has only one value - (Default)="Scheduled Tasks")

Once you restart Explorer it will no longer look for scheduled tasks when browsing the network, and I found this makes browsing workgroup computers far smoother.


It occurred to me today that some people don't have TreeSize. Trying to clear disk space on a near-full drive without TreeSize is somewhat akin to cleaning your house wearing a blindfold and mittens. This tool will let you see quickly and easily how much space is consumed by every folder on the disk.

SMB Security

I have noticed that when Windows Explorer connects to an SMB share on another computer on the network, if I have the same username and password on both computers it will log me in using that. Without asking me. What I want to know is whether it will blithely hand out my login details to any old computer on the network, or if there's something more clever going on.
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