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You must play Doukutsu Monogatari. You do not have a choice. Your compliance is valued.

Seriously, this game has more hidden stuff than Puggsy[1], some viciously difficult boss fights, and a host of wonderful characters. It's a platform-based shoot-em-up, with influences from Metroid and Zelda. So far I've gotten the bad ending and the almost-good ending, but not the properly-good ending. Having found 3 different hidden weapons and almost finished it twice, I thought I was almost done. I found a guide to see if I'd missed much, and apparently I'm still missing the best weapon (although I'd figured out how to get it), some special power-ups and a raft of hidden stuff all required to access the secret "Hell" level, which I think is a prerequisite to getting the good ending. Yikes.

[1] - Relative to its size. This is huge when you consider it was done by a bunch of students, but it still can't compare to a full-sized game.
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