Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Odd Morning

Well, I went for a blood test today and it went just like last time. I felt okay, she pulled (somewhat reluctant) blood ("ain't got time to bleed") out of my arm into a series of little bottles, until just as she was doing the last one, when I felt dizzy, then nauseous, then deaf and then I threw up in the sink. How embarrassing. Still, at least it wasn't on the floor. And at least I wasn't surprised this time.

I'm now sitting on my mum's porch, having forgotten to bring keys, and leeching off their wireless connection. If only they had home automation, I could hack the door open. That would be cool. I wish more mechanical machines were connected to the Net, like in the movies.

I wonder if my batteries will hold out until Martin comes home for lunch...
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