Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Choosy about fonts

Font rendering is mostly pretty good for me on Ubuntu. But I do have a problem with some fonts on some web-pages:

Liberation Sans gets substituted in when websites request Arial. What is wrong with those "y"s? They're hideous! They look like they came from a completely different font. Is it just bad hinting? I tried messing about with the system font hinting settings, but they don't seem to affect how Firefox renders fonts on the web.

Bitstream Vera Sans seems to be the standard sans-serif font through Ubuntu. It's quite nice at large sizes, but after reading it over and over again at small sizes, those capital "W"s are slowly driving me crazy. They look ugly and splayed out. I guess it's a hinting thing again?

Does this sort of thing bother anybody else? Are there better fonts I should be using on Linux? Or something I can do to make it render the same fonts more nicely?

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