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myrninerest keeps asking me how I can be so oblivious and/or uninterested in music. I still don't know why I don't seem to have the drive to find music, but I may have observed why I can never remember anything about it. Keirstan watches some music TV channel now and again, and I have discovered that it plays (and she listens to) the same five or six songs OVER and OVER and OVER. Having had far too much exposure, I can recognise at least a few of them (though I'm not entirely sure of their names): one where Katie Perry berates her husband-to-be and knocks down a guy in a hot-dog costume. It's called something like Hot and Cold or Black and White. I quite liked that video, although I hear she's not the nicest of people. There's one where Pink sings about how much she is over her ex-husband. I can't really remember it so well, but Keirstan likes it. Lastly I can recognise the one by The Killers, which drove me crazy trying to figure out what he's singing. It sounds like "Are we human, or are we dancer?" even though "denser" might make more grammatical (but not any other kind of) sense. I actually really like this one, probably in part because the lyrics are strange but compelling.

I guess if I had the determination to listen to the same songs twenty times in a night on a regular basis I might actually be able to remember them better. Still, it seems like sucking an ice-lolly until you've gotten all the flavour out and you're just left with ice. There's only so much there to appreciate. I think I'll stick with computer games. (And turning down the sound on the game and listening to music instead is just about the worst thing imaginable! I remember Stephen used to do that when we were young and it drove me crazy. I really don't like playing games without their sound-effects. I can't stand to miss out on the information in them.)
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