Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Bit chilly here

Back in Dundee, I woke early in the morning to be reminded that our smoke alarm needs a new battery. I knew that before we left, but we didn't have any 9V batteries in the flat at the time, and it only chirped at us very occasionally, and always during the night, so we kept forgetting. I clumsily dismantled it at 6AM and went back to bed, and today I got a new battery and installed it. Problem solved.

It was only after contemplating the clock that I actually realised why the smoke alarm chirps at you at night but falls silent the next morning. The clock was struggling to move its second-hand past 9 when we got home yesterday. But a few hours later I noticed that it was running normally. Getting an idea, I adjusted it to the right time and left it. Sure enough it was stuck again this morning. I think the mostly-spent batteries are unable to function in the icy-cold of night, but are able to eke out a bit more work when we warm the place up. So there you go, short of running a proper experiment, that's why the smoke alarm always chirps at night but stops during the day. Oh, you knew that already? Never mind then. Ignore me.
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