Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Bizarre priorities

You wouldn't have thought that given the ongoing economic turmoil and the upcoming US election that we would have a shortage of news. And yet the big story seems to be all about Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. In short: they have a comedy show on BBC Radio, they were going to interview Andrew Sachs, but he couldn't make it, so they called his home phone and when it went to the answering machine they left a message which spiralled out of control. You can hear the result on YouTube. It was funny, rude and completely inappropriate. I think they stepped over the line, but then again, they're comedians. It's hardly unexpected. It probably wouldn't even make it into the top 100 list of unacceptable things celebrities have done on-air. What I do not understand is the media and political furore.

As I write, this is still the top story on the BBC News website. Brand was forced to resign and Ross is suspended. Questions were asked in parliament. Doesn't parliament have anything better to do? Why wasn't there this level of attention when Brand prank-called a police station? In my mind that's far more serious. The whole fuss seems ludicrous.
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