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Have you tried out Google Chrome yet? Why not?

So far, I'm impressed, and I have given serious consideration to using it as my primary browser, but it's not quite there yet.

The good stuff:
  • It's fast! It feels very snappy. It has Webkit doing the rendering and their own new JITted Javascript engine to run AJAX stuff like GMail and Google Reader very swiftly.
  • It works! I haven't encountered any rendering problems.
  • It's robust. I love the architecture, but then, I'm a geek. Firefox 3 crashed a whole lot the first week I had it, and every crash took down everything, just like the good old Windows 3.1 days. Chrome uses process isolation to mean that when stuff goes bad you'll just get a "sad tab" and it won't take down everything else with it.
  • It's clean. The interface is very nice. It's not really revolutionary, borrowing bits and pieces from all its competitors, but it's all put together cleanly, elegantly and with restraint. It makes everything else look cluttered.
  • Everything is open sourced.

Room for improvement:
  • The bookmarks system doesn't feel finished. There's no good interface for managing bookmarks, and there's no integration with online bookmark systems, not even Google's own one.
  • The address bar works fairly well, although maybe not quite as well as the FF3 "awesome bar". Good riddance to those stupid redundant search bars anyway!
  • No extension API. Yet.
  • No way to block the more annoying flash adverts. EDIT: This is actually worse than I thought. I hadn't realised how much CPU all those adverts I was blocking want to use up, even in background tabs. It's not enough to slow the computer down, but it is enough to keep the fan running rather noisily on my laptop.
  • The Linux and Apple versions aren't ready yet.
  • EDIT: If you browse to an RSS/Atom feed you'll find it makes a complete mess of it. Other browsers render something readable and ask if you want to subscribe to the feed in some way.

So for the time being, I'm torn between FF3 and Chrome. FF3 with Foxmarks does a very good job of keeping my bookmarks in synch across multiple computers (including keeping my work intranet bookmarks out of my bookmarks toolbar at home), and there are one or two extensions that I find very convenient, but the speed and stability of Chrome are very alluring. Once it gets a good bookmark system I think the balance will be tipped strongly in its favour.

EDIT: Noted poor handling of feeds and the trouble with Flash adverts.
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