Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Bad Wii

Got a replacement Wii. Carefully installed cables. Started it up. Entered date, time, etc. Set up wireless internet and downloaded update. Started Mario Galaxy. "An error has occurred..."

Gah. It looks like it is the game that's duff, but in some strange way that means it works on the Wii at work but neither of the ones I've gotten. I guess it's better for the game to be bad than the Wii, but I really don't know what could be wrong with it. There are no obvious scratches on it, and the error isn't even a disc read error, just this painfully generic one. Very frustrating.

EDIT - Got a replacement Mario. Things are looking better now. Although frustratingly I tried to copy across the Miis I saved on the Wiimote and now it says I'm not allowed to edit them because I didn't create them. So you have to copy them slowly by eye, or just start over. It's like DRM for kids. Weird.
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