Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

"Ask your neighbour for water, ask your god for fire"

Messing about with the Internet Archive, I found this:

Dear Citizens of the Glasgow Archilpelago,

By order of King Vertes of Kais-Rovannia,
All people must wear a pink fluffy hat on a wednesday morning, this action will be in affect of immediately and we advise your citizens to comply with the new measure.

With regards to the recent decree from our neighbours in the kingdom of Kais-Rovannia.

Unfortunatly, we are not inclined to comply with your decree. Our government, with all encompassing wisdom, has decreed that clothing of all kinds is un-necessary and thus outlawed.

Any further attempts at oppression will result in action.

The Grand High Pooba of Pitsburgia

The Dominion of Weeblegrad greets its newfound neighbours. We respectfully inform King Vertes of Kais-Rovannia that the eternal sons of Weeblegrad will be unable to comply with his edict, as firstly, the Dominar's teachings identify kingship as a source of global warming, and secondly, the period known as Wednesday morning has been banned due to potentially terrorist content.

This radiant nation offers her support to Pitsburgia in her quest to shed the fetters of the cloth. One of the Dominar's personal divisions of deaf-mute inquisitor-saints is available to aid in the purging, if so desired. We regret that the nature of their duties and their loyalty to the Dominar demand that they remain clothed in the execution of their work.

Ah, those were the days.
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