Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,


"To connect to your broadband service from a different computer in your house, you'll need to install your broadband modem onto the other computer and then connect it to the phone line you registered for Virgin Broadband. Please note, this will still only allow you to connect one computer to Virgin Broadband at any one time."

Fuckers! The damn cable modem is locked to the first sodding mac address that it sees. Does anyone else here have Virgin/NTL/Telewest? Their stupid site says that I can't use multiple computers without buying their stupid £40 wireless kit. ARGH. Bastards.

EDIT - Okay, there's a reset button on the modem. I think I can use this to connect a different piece of equipment to it, right? And if I buy a NAT router and put that between the modem and the switch then it should work, right? I won't need to call the awful tech support line to get things reset, will I?

EDIT#2 - Sorry for the overreaction. I've already been rather frustrated by Virgin and their useless documentation led me to think the situation was worse than it actually is. I'm still very unimpressed with Virgin and would have gone with BT for phone and Zen for ADSL if I'd known what a mess it would be.

And thanks for all the advice!
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