Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

We walked up the Dundee Law today. The view was great, and the sky was very impressive. I pointed out where I work, roughly where our new flat will be, and various Dundee landmarks. Keirstan spotted Tesco. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera, so instead you get some pictures of food we have cooked.

Here you can see the roast chicken thighs we had on Monday, my last day of holiday before going back to work. These weren't very complicated, but we're not experienced at cooking, so it was very satisfying to make and to eat.

This is the stir-fried chicken and fried rice we made today. The rice had a bit too much rice and not enough oil/soy-sauce/eggs, but it was pretty good. The Hoi Sin stir-fry sauce came out of a jar, but we added garlic, red onions and peppers and it was very nice.

And as a special bonus picture, here's Keir adrift on the Tay:

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