Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Bluetooth update

Bleh. I'm not so enamoured with Bluetooth any more. The Motorola H700 headset doesn't pick up the annoying loud buzzing that the H350 did. But either something's wrong with it or with my laptop's Bluetooth system, because connecting to it seems extremely flakey. It'll work fine several times in a row, then I'll try to connect to it and get a helpful message like "Connection failed" or "An error has occurred", or it will appear connected in every way except that the microphone and speaker don't turn on. It will persist with the same mode of failure every time until I reboot the laptop, when it might or might not work again. The laptop can always detect and identify the headset. I can always delete the pairing and re-pair them. But actually attempting to connect seems fraught with trouble.

Once a connection is made, it does seem fine. I tried reinstalling my laptop's most up-to-date Bluetooth stack. That involved a reboot, and like with other reboots it worked immediately after that but then regressed to its bad ways. I wish I knew what was wrong. I don't want to go back to the shop again, especially in this unsure state. The previous problem was clearly a defective headset. But this seems like it could be anything. The fact that rebooting sometimes fixes it makes me suspect the laptop/drivers. The fact that, despite poor sound quality, the previous headset had no problems connecting makes me suspect the new headset.
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