Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Bluetooth headset

I bought a Motorola H350 bluetooth headset today. And tomorrow, I shall take it back to the shop and try to get something else. It seems like it would be a great product if it actually worked. It's very cheap, comfortable to wear, sounds passable, has good range and the microphone doesn't pick up much static from background noise. Sadly, it picks up a loud buzzing noise intermittently, which seems to be related to orientation. It works pretty well held upside down in front of me, but stick it on my ear and after a short while the buzzing returns. Also, it seems slightly flaky when I try to turn it on in the first place. Sometimes it just doesn't respond (despite being fully charged) until I stick it back on the charger for a second then take it off again.

Anyway, assuming that Carphone Warehouse won't be pricks and will let me change it, can anybody recommend something more reliable? I'm using it with my laptop, not a phone, if that makes any difference.
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