Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Leaving to go home

Time to go home. Holidays never last long enough, especially when they're the only time I get to see Keirstan. Still, at least it's only another four and a bit months to go until we get to be together all the time...

Finally got my luggage yesterday. Padlock is gone along with half of the chocolate from inside. I swear, it's not worth the hassle. Squeeze what you can in your carry-on and buy anything else when you get there.

Family members may prefer not to read behind the cut. Don't say I didn't warn you.

If you're in Ottawa, I recommend a trip (with your partner if possible) to Venus Envy. It has a friendly, open atmosphere and is not at all seedy. They've got lots of toys, all clearly labeled with instructions and advice. They've got lots of books too. You'd have to ask Keirstan exactly how good this set is, but it certainly seems to produce a good reaction. ;)

Apologies to everyone in and around Boston and Ottawa we didn't see, especially scarletnomay. There just isn't enough time. :(

Flight leaves in nine or so hours...
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