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Mr Robot is out now! (Well, okay, it was out last week, but I bought it as a present for some people and didn't want them to go and buy it before they got their presents.) I was in the beta test, and I greatly enjoyed it. It's a style of game you don't see much—50% isometric platform puzzler (remember Knight Lore, Alien 8, Head Over Heels? I sucked at all of them, but never mind...) and 50% RPG combat, much like Final Fantasy. There's a free demo, and the full version only costs £15/$25, which I was happy to pay.

Another game I found recently is Knytt. It's free and I'd highly recommend it. A very pure and simple exploration-based platformer, I've seen it described as an "ambient game", which is very accurate, but hard to understand until you've played it. It has a wonderful tone and is great at evoking mood.

Also game related, my current personal best at Wii Sports bowling is 267.

EDIT - I forgot to put in a link to this article about the early history of computer RPGs, which I found pretty fascinating. I figure there may well be a few folk out there interested in this.
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