Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Arrived safely

I'm now in the US! Journey was quite tolerable this time. No trauma, no delays. We actually arrived ahead of schedule. Was a little bit worried when I checked my boarding pass for the transatlantic flight while I was on the flight to Amsterdam, and discovered that we were scheduled to arrive substantially after the boarding time listed. However, I think the boarding time was insanely early because of how long security takes, and when I got there there was still a queue.

Watched Dude, Where's My Car and The Incredibles, neither of which I'd seen before. I enjoyed both, though probably enjoyed The Incredibles more. I actually felt quite emotional during it, but that was probably more to do with me than to do with the film. I also started reading Feersum Endjinn. (Did I spell that right?) Bascule's horror billy spelt passijz r acherly reely fun 2 reed. It reminds me a bit of Flowers for Algernon, although obviously Bascule has completely different issues going on.

Oh yeah, it's also my birthday today! I keep forgetting - there's been so much else to think about. Keirstan and I are going to see a movie, and then I think we might be going out for a meal. I know I suggested the movie, but I've forgotten what it is and she won't tell me, so it will be a surprise.

It's great to be here. :)
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