Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Home again

Back in Dundee now. Had a wonderful (if short) holiday with my wonderful girlfriend. :)

My holiday to the "Pawson Compound" and Shawn and Stacey's "It's Not A Wedding It's A Picnic"

I ate and drank:

  • Orange-chicken kebabs. + (Also helped to prepare this.)
  • Steak. +++
  • Barbecued salmon with brown sugar. ++
  • A lovely cheese and potato dish. +++
  • "Turkey in a can". +
  • Smoked salmon and raw salmon with lime mayonnaise thing. -- (Didn't eat more than a bite or two.)
  • White wine. + (Had a bit too much of this on Friday. My glass kept following me around and getting more full. Strange, that.
  • Champagne. ++
  • Pulled pork, barbecue chicken, beef brisket, courtesy of "Dinosaur Barbecue". ++
  • Wedding cheesecake. +++
  • Chicken Caeser Salad from an airport fast-food joint. --- (Yuck.)

Insects encounters:

  • Saw a field full of fireflies at night. Simply breathtaking.
  • Has my feet gnawed off by horrid bitey things.

I met (for the first time):

  • Keirstan's godmother and her husband. Fascinating, friendly, open-minded people with stories to tell from New Zealand to Canada.
  • Keirstan's father's siblings. Ranged from slightly scary to very friendly. Colin is very friendly and funny.
  • Keirstan's cousin, Elizabeth. Very friendly. Talked about Canadian politics a bit. Seems very happy for Keirstan. :D
  • Lots of Stacey's relatives. Didn't really get talking to them much.
  • Shawn and Stacey's friends. Kind of the same. Several were interested in the kilt, but tiredness seemed to prevent any conversation starting up.
  • Java the dog. Very sweet. Keirstan might know better what kind of breed he is.

Other things I did

  • Did I mention watching those fireflies?
  • Fell asleep at Keirstan's feet by the fire-pit.
  • Lay in a hammock with Keirstan.
  • Played badminton with Mario.
  • Practised some break-falls in the garden when no-one was looking. Still suck at left-handed ones.
  • Travelled with no checked-in luggage. Much recommended. :)
  • Wore my kilt.
  • Some very enjoyable things that I needn't elaborate upon. ;)

Things I did not do

  • Get a chance to get in the hot-tub. :(
  • Dance.

Um... Anything I missed? I'm rather tired, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Now I'm all excited looking forward to Keirstan visiting here in less than three weeks' time. I love you Keirstan!

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