Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Sending a Message

I am troubled at the idea that lawmaking is seen as a means to "send a message" to terrorists. I am even more troubled that considering harsh legislation and then implementing anything short of that should be said to be sending an invitation to terrorists. If we encourage this kind of thinking now, then we will tie ourselves in knots later such that we can no longer pass any sensible legislation without worrying what kind of message it sends to some segment of the population.

Fair and just enforcement of the law should be what sends a message, not changes to that law. We can't just keep expanding the law every time we want to send a message.

Rimmer: Why should they speak the way we do? They're aliens.

Lister: Ok professor, what does it mean?

Rimmer: Maybe, maybe, ok. Breaking your leg hurts like hell ok? Hell. They do it
below the knee, low. Hell-low, gettit?. They do it twice, twice, two.
Hell-Low-Two. And jigsaw must mean you. Hello to you.

Cat: I wouldn't like to be around when one of these suckers is making a
speech (he limps out).
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