Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

New flat, new danger

Err... no, wait. I'm getting confused. New Conservatives, New Danger? Eh, whatever.

I have moved into my flat. It is big and empty. Well, not completely empty, but it doesn't look like the flatmates will be about much, and sitting in the living room on my own feels like sitting in an empty swimming pool. I feel slightly less out of place, but no less small in my double bed. I've never had a double bed before. I've wrapped blue LED Christmas lights around the end of it. It's kind of spooky in the dark.

I ran home at lunch today and called up BT to get our phone connected. Spent £4 on the mobile call alone. :-/ But they should have us connected in under 48 hours, and "probably" today. Then I can get some ADSL sorted out. I noticed that Tesco are selling some fairly respectable looking hom networking gear. I may buy their wireless ADSL modem/router. When I've gotten paid, anyway. Which should be any day now...

Okay, I've pretty much used up my lunch hour now. Still, it's been productive.
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