Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Time passes.

I shall go to bed soon, for I need the sleep. I didn't sleep last night because I was coding in Python. At least I wasn't just randomly browsing the 'net. For my efforts I have a little script that gathers together information about Mame roms and creates Windows shortcuts to run them, all stored in a hierarchical set of folders by category of game. I like that Python has map(), zip(), lambda and other such niceties to hand. Okay, it's not all that clever a piece of code, but I've not been coding anything in ages.

I attended the last hour or so of Bedlam, but there were very few people I knew about, and they were mostly busy, so I went home without waiting for the end.

I'm trying to keep myself stimulated enough that melancholy does not set it, but everything seems very subdued recently. I wonder where everybody has gone. Other than the Gathering. (Good grief: that's one tacky website.)

The management would like to apologise for the low entertainment value of this post. Rest assured that employees will be sacked until morale improves. In expectation of the success of this strategy, management has been awarded a 20% pay rise.
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