Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

An uncommon victory for common sense

Well that's a small relief. I went to my bank and asked them to cancel the £20 charge for going 68 pence overdrawn, and after some umming and ahhing they eventually did. I had for a long time a lot of money sitting in my current account which should really have been in savings. So after they nagged me I put most of it in savings accounts and set up internet banking to let me move money into the current account as I needed it. Unfortunately Worldcon incurred some unexpected heavy expenses and my estimation of the money in my account was very slightly askew.

I rather thought the idea of modern banking was that the bank could invest my money while I wasn't spending it, making a profit off of it through which they could pay their staff and provide bank machines and the like. However it seems more and more to be some kind of bargain with the faeries - they set out to lure, trap and deceive you, extracting money or first-born children when you fail to dance through their hoops correctly. I can see buying a safe and keeping all your money as cash becoming a safer investment that trusting yourself to deal with a bank.
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