Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Worldcon Final Day

Went to a talk on the psychology of spaceflight first this morning. All really fascinating - how do you put a small group of social beings in a tin can for four years to go to Mars and back, with no hope of rescue should things go wrong, and manage to keep them sane, happy, cooperative and functional? With extreme difficulty.

After that I went to a panel on the future of malware. Fairly interesting, but I can't off-hand think of a lot they said that I didn't know before. It was amusing to see the guy from the audience, who suggested that all we need to do is stop all the bad stuff at the originating ISP level, getting totally smacked down by the entire panel and most of the room.

I think I'll go to the panel on SF and Computer Games at 2pm, but that's probably all.
Tags: worldcon
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