Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

The things they should teach at school

What isn't getting taught in schools, particularly in the UK? Some concepts, topics and courses that I really want to see:

  • Proper civic education. We got taught nothing about the priveleges and responsibilities associated with living in our society. We didn't get taught very much about government, local or national, about the interactions between individuals, corporate bodies, government bodies, about who employs who, and about the landscape of people and businesses. What do all the people in our country do?
  • The nature of leadership and the relations between leaders and those who follow them. What the value in leadership is and the risks associated with it, and a look at the processes of creation and dispersal of such relationships.
  • The need for standards in measurement, communication and general interaction of systems. An examination of the bodies we currently have to manage them, and the particular standards in use around us.
  • Ergonomics in everything we produce for others to read, operate, wear, utilise or otherwise interact with, including systems and procedures. The idea that there are basic considerations to make to make things easy for others, especially those disabled, but recognising that everyone is disabled, sometimes. When you wear thick gloves, you're physically handicapped. When you're listening to headphones, you're sensorilly(?) handicapped. When you're tired or distracted, you're mentally handicapped. By working to make things easier for the more obviously handicapped, you make things easier for everybody else too.
  • About knowledge, kinds of knowledge, and systems of arriving at knowledge. Covering what science is, and what kinds of things science can and cannot say. About evaluating sources and about detecting when a source is likely to be unreliable.

Did anybody get taught this stuff at school? Do you agree that it a) can be taught and b) should be taught? What else is missing from our education?
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