Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

It's kind of like skiving out of class

I had been at the discussion of Christopher Priest's use of fractured realities, but I've just skipped out because it sounded like it was going to ruin some complex and twisty books for me. I shall have to hunt some of them down.

The fanzine workshop was quite fascinating, although it wasn't really much of a workshop, in that nothing was actually produced. It's given me a bit more of a feel for the fanzine landscape, and really made me realise how odd TBD is. It isn't like most other fanzines, and I understand better why the term fanzine can be awkward when applied to it. At the same time, it most definitely is not a commercial magazine.

The group for that was really small, so I got to talk to some of the panel for a while, and they sounded really cool. I shall follow up some of that conversation in email. I was a bit disappointed that I had no examples of TBD to show to them.

The fractured narrative one I got to late. It's given me ideas to think about, but nothing I really feel merits debate.

The discussion about the portrayal of old people in sci-fi was really good. I do struggle a lot to try to see things from other perspectives, and imagining old age seems only marginally easier than imagining being more intelligent. Then to imagine how old age could be further different in other times and places is very challenging. I played an old man in a roleplaying game for a long time, and I still don't know if I did him justice. I was very fond of him, even if I did play him a bit over the top at times. I still feel a bit guilty that I didn't really confront his frailty, and just kept on adventuring like he was a young man who just complained a lot.
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