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I installed a new hard-drive in the laptop and it's looking healthier. Sort of. It'll take a while to get all the applications up and running again. After I installed the graphics drivers, I discovered that it wouldn't come out of standby any more - it just stuck with a blank screen. Now, after having installed and uninstalled several different graphics drivers, I appear to have narrowed down the problem... to the mouse. For some reason, if I have my USB Intellimouse plugged in when it goes into standby, it, well, doesn't. It just turns off the screen and hangs. This seems rather weird. I'm currently downloading the "Via USB Filter Driver" from Compaq's page of updates for the laptop to see if it helps. Fingers crossed.


Nope, no good. This is what happens:

No USB mouse:
  1. I close the laptop lid.

  2. The hard-drive light flickers a lot for about five seconds.

  3. The lights on the wireless card go off.

  4. The fans stop.

  5. I wait.

  6. I open the laptop lid.

  7. The hard-drive light flickers for a long time, and the wireless card's lights come on.

  8. The keyboard lights flash once or twice.

  9. Eventually the screen turns on, and I can use the computer.

With a USB mouse:
  1. I close the laptop lid.

  2. The hard-drive light flickers once or twice for about a second.

  3. Nothing else happens - the wireless card light remains on.

  4. I wait.

  5. I open the laptop lid.

  6. Nothing happens. The screen is off.

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