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Ensor (my laptop) appears to have died. Shortly after having a conversation with Mog on MSN, it BSODed with a STOP 0000007A error. A reboot turned up a STOP c0000218. Booting into Gentoo turned up with a failed file system check and then a refusal to mount most of the partitions. At the moment the remnants of Ensor's brain are being extracted over a handy 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter. It looks like most of the data that wasn't backed up already should be recoverable, but it remains to be seen if I need a new hard-drive or a new laptop. :-/

What's the Blue Screen of Death?
You lucky, lucky person. If you don't already know, you might be happier not knowing at all. The Blue Screen of Death is Windows's way of saying, "Oh shit, I'm blind! Oh fucking god, I'm lying in a pool of warm liquid that is probably my own blood, but I don't know because I can't fucking see!" This is in contrast to a protection fault or illegal instruction, which is merely Windows's way of saying, "Bollocks. I don't know if that was you or me, but that program's well fucked. Hold on and I'll find a mop."


Uhh... Never mind. After pulling out the hard-drive and backing up everything I could, I scanned all the Windows drives from my desktop. Nothing was wrong. I plugged the hard-drive back into Ensor. Everything is fine. I've no idea how a system can appear to be so catastrophically broken and then spring back to life as if nothing had happened. I should point out that the machine previously - failed to boot normally, failed to boot in safe mode, failed to boot in Linux, and failed to read the hard-drive at all after booting off the Windows CD into Recovery Mode. Something isn't right here.

Oh well, at least I've got a backup of pretty much everything now, should it decide that it really is dead after all.
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