Weeble (clockworksaint) wrote,

Shock! Horror! Capitalist society behaves in capitalist manner. I mean, really, is this the most important thing to be complaining about right now? It may be in poor taste, but I'd hardly describe it as "sick profiteering". If you give something away free (or even just give the chance to get something free) then it's hardly surprising that some people will take it even if they don't want it. That doesn't in itself make them monsters.

In general, I'm not sure that you can really isolate a commodity from market forces, regardless of what kind of system you're running. (Well, maybe in an absolute police-state...) No matter how egalitarian your society is, different people will value some things differently. They can all make themselves better off by coming to some kind of consensual trade agreement. To pretend that a ticket (or whatever) has no value and is untradeable is just unworkable. It seems to me like saying, "This thing is more important than anything else you might want or need - you must forget all of them when thinking about this thing." But people don't work like that.
Tags: politics
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